Career Opportunities With The OSI Group

The OSI Group happens to be a large food retailer based in the United States and having other subsidiaries across the globe. The company has managed to grow by hiring the best professionals in the industry.

OSI Group is an equal employer and emphasizes on talent. Since time immemorial, the OSI Group has held the notion that employees are the key to success in any company. For clients to be taken care of, the employer needs to take care of the employees first. The OSI Group is also known for awarding their employees and this acts as a major source of motivation within the firm.

Some of the big names in the OSI Group include chief executive officer Sherry Demeulenaere and the chief financial officer, Sheldon Lavin. The company reported a revenue of over 6 billion dollars in the year 2016. OSI Group has also managed to employ a substantial number of employees with the number been estimated at 20,000 by the Forbes Magazine. To continue expanding their services worldwide, the OSI Group uses the tactic of mergers and acquisitions. This happens in scenarios where the company cannot use the first mover advantage. Just the other day, the OSI Group decided to penetrate the European market through the acquisition of a company called Baho Foods.

In all its acquisition deals, the OSI Group has developed a habit of not revealing the financial details of the transaction. In this deal, the OSI Group promised that all the workers of the Baho Foods would retain their jobs. With headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, the OSI Group has managed to establish over 65 plants that are spread in over 17 nations. Other than the United States, the OSI Group has plants in Japan, China, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and France. The company continues to uphold its mission in providing their customers with the best products and services in the market.