Sentient AI as an E-commerce Recommendation Engine

Artificial intelligence has allowed individuals and business to move leaps and bounds in making progress and profit. Recently, companies who utilize artificial intelligence methods has introduced an e-commerce recommendation engine to help customers engage in their content, close sales and provide a more personal experience.

What is E-Commerce Recommendation Engine?

This aspect of AI involves the algorithm that is used in online stores. For example, if you browse a specific product in Amazon, you will see a section where Amazon recommends other related products that is similar to the one you searched for.

Also, this similar feature can be used in other platforms aside from the store itself. Using the data gathered from the customer, the AI technology can also send e-mail recommendations, and create ad posts on social media sites. This improves user engagement, increase sales and provide a more positive experience towards the e-commerce store. This post discusses the benefits of having an AI powered E-commerce Recommendation Engine.

  1. Provides a more personalized experience for users

The problem with big e-commerce stores is the variety of products that can be browsed. Sometimes, a customer may experience decision fatigue and end up not purchasing anything due to amount of choices present. Having an AI-powered recommendation feature allows users to pick from related choices based on ratings, reviews and popularity.

This improves the user experience and makes it more personal for the customers. Research has shown that E-commerce recommendations allow users to find better or alternative choices from those that they originally searched for.

  1. Improves Sales

In an e-commerce transaction, a customer would be usually focusing on one product. However, when there are icons and other descriptions such as “usually bought with” or “other recommended products” are seen in an e-commerce page, the customer tends to buy those other items as well. This in turn allows more sales and increased profit for the business. This is one advantage that can be leveraged when it comes to e-commerce stores.

  1. Increased Content Engagement

E-commerce recommendations are usually targeted. It means that they gather data based on the customer’s previous searches, and provide recommendations based on it. When this happens, it results to increased engagement with the e-commerce website, and drives more traffic to the online store because the recommendation was something that the customer was interested in the first place. This is very helpful for any e-commerce business to grow popularity and customer reach. Visit to know more about Sentient.