Sentient AI as an E-commerce Recommendation Engine

Artificial intelligence has allowed individuals and business to move leaps and bounds in making progress and profit. Recently, companies who utilize artificial intelligence methods has introduced an e-commerce recommendation engine to help customers engage in their content, close sales and provide a more personal experience.

What is E-Commerce Recommendation Engine?

This aspect of AI involves the algorithm that is used in online stores. For example, if you browse a specific product in Amazon, you will see a section where Amazon recommends other related products that is similar to the one you searched for.

Also, this similar feature can be used in other platforms aside from the store itself. Using the data gathered from the customer, the AI technology can also send e-mail recommendations, and create ad posts on social media sites. This improves user engagement, increase sales and provide a more positive experience towards the e-commerce store. This post discusses the benefits of having an AI powered E-commerce Recommendation Engine.

  1. Provides a more personalized experience for users

The problem with big e-commerce stores is the variety of products that can be browsed. Sometimes, a customer may experience decision fatigue and end up not purchasing anything due to amount of choices present. Having an AI-powered recommendation feature allows users to pick from related choices based on ratings, reviews and popularity.

This improves the user experience and makes it more personal for the customers. Research has shown that E-commerce recommendations allow users to find better or alternative choices from those that they originally searched for.

  1. Improves Sales

In an e-commerce transaction, a customer would be usually focusing on one product. However, when there are icons and other descriptions such as “usually bought with” or “other recommended products” are seen in an e-commerce page, the customer tends to buy those other items as well. This in turn allows more sales and increased profit for the business. This is one advantage that can be leveraged when it comes to e-commerce stores.

  1. Increased Content Engagement

E-commerce recommendations are usually targeted. It means that they gather data based on the customer’s previous searches, and provide recommendations based on it. When this happens, it results to increased engagement with the e-commerce website, and drives more traffic to the online store because the recommendation was something that the customer was interested in the first place. This is very helpful for any e-commerce business to grow popularity and customer reach. Visit to know more about Sentient.

Career Opportunities With The OSI Group

The OSI Group happens to be a large food retailer based in the United States and having other subsidiaries across the globe. The company has managed to grow by hiring the best professionals in the industry.

OSI Group is an equal employer and emphasizes on talent. Since time immemorial, the OSI Group has held the notion that employees are the key to success in any company. For clients to be taken care of, the employer needs to take care of the employees first. The OSI Group is also known for awarding their employees and this acts as a major source of motivation within the firm.

Some of the big names in the OSI Group include chief executive officer Sherry Demeulenaere and the chief financial officer, Sheldon Lavin. The company reported a revenue of over 6 billion dollars in the year 2016. OSI Group has also managed to employ a substantial number of employees with the number been estimated at 20,000 by the Forbes Magazine. To continue expanding their services worldwide, the OSI Group uses the tactic of mergers and acquisitions. This happens in scenarios where the company cannot use the first mover advantage. Just the other day, the OSI Group decided to penetrate the European market through the acquisition of a company called Baho Foods.

In all its acquisition deals, the OSI Group has developed a habit of not revealing the financial details of the transaction. In this deal, the OSI Group promised that all the workers of the Baho Foods would retain their jobs. With headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, the OSI Group has managed to establish over 65 plants that are spread in over 17 nations. Other than the United States, the OSI Group has plants in Japan, China, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and France. The company continues to uphold its mission in providing their customers with the best products and services in the market.

Mike Empowers Swiss Youth

In the modern times, the world has changed significantly. There has been a lot of growth in technology and development. This has been made possible by different individuals who come up with useful inventory ideas. Mike Baur is one of these people. He has made a lot of contribution in the finance sector, earning the respect of many people in the world.


Mike started his finance career at a young age. After completing his high school education, he joined the business industry, and after several attempts, he became very successful. Mike is a renowned serial entrepreneur, specializing in the several industries. He was an average student while in school, and he has proved that with hard word and determination, it is possible to succeed.


He has worked for several companies in the past, and he is believed to have made a lot of positive changes. One of the companies he worked for is known as Clariden. He was also a banker in Salford. He worked hard as a banker, becoming an executive at the Swiss bank. He has worked for the Swiss private bank for over two decades, acquiring the expertise and experience needed to start a company.


After being employed for many years, Mike decided to start his own company. He founded an institution known as Swiss Start –Up Factory. The company is popularly known as SSUF, and its main objective is to help young businessmen, especially the ones specializing in the competitive digital technology.


Mike Baur started SSUF with several other people. The group was fortunate to start a successful institution that has become one of the leading private and independent ICT accelerator firm in the nation. The company is believed to have been launched in the year 2014, and it has changed the lives of many young digital businessmen. The institution offers these young people good opportunities using their business network across the world.


Apart from giving young people opportunities through his firm, Mike Baur also mentors the youth in his area during his free time. Due to his experience in the banking industry, Mike helps the youth get entrepreneurial skills.

SSUF achieves its objectives by running a special program that lasts for three months. The program helps to coach and mentor the young entrepreneurs. At the end of the program, the participants are given a reliable office space in Zurich. They are also offered an effective business network to help them get the success they need.

Mullen Lowe Brazil CEO Highlights the Pitfalls of Inbound and Content Marketing

The Maxim advertising company is now the focus of business. It has gained comparison in content marketing. With each passing day, more companies adopt the content marketing. Inbound marketing is her partner. Entrepreneurs on expect that the results will come quickly as they go with the headquarters at the pot. They think that the strategy will yield the necessary solutions. Let’s take a look at inbound and content marketing.

According to Mullen Lowe Brail CEI, Jose Borghi, inbound marketing is an attractive strategy for an audience that works through delivering material that solves their challenges. For instance, you can deliver content relevant to the problem. While using this commitment, the market is acquired by the brand. Therefore, the brand gains authority over the market and consumer trust according to Jose Borghi. For this reason, content marketing enters this process with proper material construction.

The consumer will certainly contract a service or make a purchase if all goes well. Strategy development is the main question for Borghi. You will get more customers when excited about the possibilities of the strategy. When in a hurry, you will end up making a poorly planned strategy.

Some concepts under content marketing spread the wrong message. This leads to immediate solutions. They include:

Try to look smart. Mullen Lowe will publish on their blogs and website on original texts coupled with original content to be shared on social platforms. The brand will sell. However, it is not enough with content marketing strategies. There has to be an outlined plan at the end of the content. This plan stretches beyond the interesting content. SEO optimization is certainly needed as well as buying journey and buyer persona study. Only a published text will be the country-s salvation. This action can be disappointing.

Try to be useful. For a fact, this is the main reason for advertising and content marketing. However, you should know your readers and outline the most useful information to them. Whom are you writing for? For instance, do not present the testimony of another consumer about the benefits of a product. However, you should talk about the advantages gained by purchasing the products. This can be useful when the consumer is still researching the market according to Mullen Lowe. Before making a purchase, the consumer today has good information through the internet. For this reason, the company has to provide information on the products importance. Companies should also have solid presences in the social platforms.

My Moving Company Needs Workers From Handy

I move a lot of things into people’s homes, especially furniture. The problem with the furniture is the fact that it can sometimes shred at the bottom, especially if the customers have older furniture that is starting to tear apart. I promise my customers that they’ll have a clean home once we finish moving their items, and I even offer them home cleaning services, which I used to do myself. Since I didn’t have time to clean up after myself because I may have several moving jobs each day, I decided to work with Handy to get the job done.

I have my own account on the Handy website, and even though I hire workers to clean my business and my home once in a while, most of the work that they do is for the people I move for. I can easily move for 2-3 people in one day, which means I’m working up to 16 hours a day or more. My customers pay me extra when I send out Handy workers to clean their home, so it’s worth it for me to do it.

When I used to have to stay and clean the home on my own, I would lose up to an hour cleaning their home, so it affected how much money I made at the end of the day. Handy makes things so much easier for me, especially that their prices are very competitive. If I even decide to move people to other cities that are nearby, I can still get Handy workers to come and clean the homes for me. And as Welldressedgeek wrote in an article, the Handy workers are very prompt and extremely professional, and they are the most trustworthy people I know of. I praise Handy for the great job they do, especially the great workers that they employ.



Bury Bad Articles and Online Reputation

George owns a quaint little restaurant that he spent several years working on to build up a good reputation in the local community. In addition, George has established a warm relationship with most of his regular customers. However, one new customer arrives at his restaurant and for some reason does not like the food or the ambiance of the restaurant. The disgruntled customer goes to Yelp and writes a negative review. The review surfaces on the top of the search engine results. People in George’s community searching for local restaurants stumble upon this review on the search engines and decide to avoid his restaurant. Certainly, George could use online reputation management help to bury bad news and reviews.

Search Engine Results

The fact is that the average person relies on the information that they find online to help them make important decisions about purchases or the restaurants that they frequent. A negative review or remark could destroy a good company’s name. However, they do not have to take this sitting down. There is a way to fight back against negative material online that surfaces on the search engines. Hire an online reputation firm to bury negative search results before it is too late.

How to Bury Results

Professional reputation firms online have developed distinct strategies that are designed to move all negative results on the search engine about a company down to the very bottom of the search engine results. The best way to bury those negative results is to add fresh new content that is very positive about the company. This might take time and lots of hard work that is beyond the scope of the average person. However, professional online reputation firms are able to use various SEO tactics to quickly move those negative results to the very bottom of the search engines. Bury Bad Articles is one online reputation firm that has used various proven tactics that helped their clients dramatically.

Bury Bad Articles

What can Bury Bad Articles do for you or your company? First, it is important to always select one of the top ranking online reputation firms like Bury Bad Articles to repair the damage done to the company’s reputation. Bury Bad Articles staff realizes that negative reviews and remarks might have a very long and lasting impact on their client’s reputation. Therefore, they work quickly to fix negative search results. They are professionals and their service is guaranteed. Contact them for more information.

Nathaniel Ru is Getting a Buzz Going about Healthy Food

Nathaniel Ru is certainly making people stop and think about what they are eating. He worked hard with partners like Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman to open up what is known as Sweetgreen. The first restaurant opened in Washington, D.C. in 2007. This buzz spread from there and now there are other places like Boston and Los Angeles that have started serving up warm bowls and Avocobbo salads. There is a love for this place that many people would not have expected. It is not just another restaurant that has surfaced as a healthy eating alternative. To the contrary, this is a restaurant chain that makes people consider the benefits of eating healthy even if they have never considered this before.


That is what is so great about a place like Sweetgreen. These meals are made from scratch, and the options make people see that healthy eating is not so bad after all. It takes fresh vegetables and delectable dishes to make people realize that they can benefit from healthy food. It may not seem like healthy food would outshine the other fried food dishes that have made America such an obese nation, but Sweetgreen seems to have a shot. All that is takes is a marketing master like Nathaniel Ru that is able to change the minds of the consumers. That is what Nathaniel Ru has done. He made people see healthy eating in a different light.


In most cases, nutritionists are trying to scare people into eating healthy. They talk about high cholesterol and heart attacks. This is important information to have, but most people still take their chances with unhealthy eating practices. The only way that people can really see a true benefit to healthy eating is by obtaining something that will actually taste good. This is the only way that most people can see themselves making a life change. They have to get food that will be tasty in order to maintain the diet that they are on.


Millions of people eat out several times a week, and most consumers would agree that they are tired of the same old burgers and fries. Others may be tired of the chicken strips or chicken nuggets. Sweetgreen is the great alternative for people that want to try something that is new, healthy and delectable. People that are new to Sweetgreen will not be disappointed with their dining experience.


The Success Story Of Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru is the Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Sweetgreen. The company operates in the food industry. It is an American fast casual restaurant chain that serves simple, seasonal, and healthy food. Nathaniel Ru, Nicolas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman founded the company in 2007.
Nathaniel Ru said that by establishing Sweetgreen, they were creating a brand that stood for something. Their aim is to feed more people better food. The three co-founders attended the Georgetown University. Nathaniel, Jammet, and Jonathan have always been tech pioneers.
After graduation, Nicholas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru were not sure of what to pursue. Their innovative and entrepreneurial background has enabled them to set up 31 Sweetgreen chain restaurants nationwide, and they plan to increase the number to 40 by the end of this year. Their success is evident for all to see as they have completed three rounds of venture capital funding that has summed up to $95 million.
The three friends came from families with an entrepreneurial background. Jammet explains that they were not appealed by where they would work after graduation as they did not want to create an institutional environment. They were motivated by the desire to build a business of their own, and finding better food options in Georgetown.
Jammet said that the group’s discipline had been the primary factor that has helped the team to success. Once they had the idea, the rest fell into place. He stated that he seeks direction from their original business plan, and it has helped them a lot. Jammet continued by saying that they haven’t changed the pitch since then, but have added to it. He explained that they are selling more than a lettuce leaf. Jammet said that the firm is selling its values by the way they serve their food, hire and treat people in their stores, and how they collaborate with the community and farms they work with.
Jammet stated that their hard work and determination enabled them to reach the heights they are at now. He said that most of the successful entrepreneurs who invested in their business supported them because they believed in their idea. The founders of Sweetgreen are more concerned with the relationship of their staff. It is the reason why they always want to know why someone wants to leave them, and the reason why they are not growing individually.



BBA Gives Better Reputation Management

Bury Bad Articles is a really nice place for people to go when they are sitting in the middle of some reputation crisis. The crisis is going to get all over trending new sites, and there could be hundreds of articles that people will read that make a business or a person look really bad. Bury Bad Articles has to bury all the bad content with positive content they wrote themselves.

Someone who hires BBA is going to ask them to see how bad their reputation is, and the team at BBA is going to figure out what they should write that will start to bury all the bad stuff. There might be hundreds of bad articles, but BBA only really needs to push down enough articles to fill up the first search page with positive content. They can write positive content about anything, and they will keep doing it as fast as they can. They will make more positive content than there is negative content, and then they will remake the search page into something that actually looks good.

There are a lot of topics that clients can pick from when they are trying to get more positive content out there, and they should show BBA a lot of stuff that can be used. Something that seems really small and pointless is still going to work because it will look better than anything bad that was already out there. The company should do this because they cannot create as much content as BBA can.

The bad articles get buried because that is what BBA does, and then they are going to have a chance to show the world that they are not all that bad. The reputation of a client starts to get better, and they will teach the world things about their company they never knew. This can be a good learning experience for everyone, and it is going to show the Internet that a client with a bad reputation can be good.

Fabletics Comes To The Forefront With Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson has the idea for Fabletics because she wanted to make sure that women like her could get dressed without all the trouble that she used to go through. She is the kind of woman who does not want to spend too much time on her clothes, and she prefers to show women that there is a better way to get ready every day. These women will be able to wear Fabletics anywhere, and they will be able to feel much better about how they look when they slip into these clothes instead of others.

Women who love Fabletics are finding that they can change their clothes without even a thought, and they are also going to be able to get the help that they need when they are searching for something specific. There is something for everyone in the Fabletics line, and all working women and moms can take their gym clothes on the road.

Kate Hudson wears these clothes every day because it is much easier for her to wear on, and she does not have to worry about putting together a complicated outfit. She wants women to be able to throw their clothes in their gym bag, and she wants all these women to feel good because they have simplified how they get dressed every day. It is so much easier for people to get dressed when they wear Fabletics, and they can wear these clothes every day to get the results they want. They can take the kids to school, and they can go shopping or run their errands. They still look good when they go out to eat, and they are going to look very fashionable with a hat or a jacket.

Women like Kate Hudson do not want to have to spend too much time on their clothes, and they are finally going to be able to get what they want by making sure that they have chosen from the right line on Fabletics from Kate Hudson is perfect for all women. The clothes help women look amazing without trying too hard every morning to get ready.