Barbara Stokes’ Bold Leadership Style Impresses Many

In the world of natural disaster management it is a simple fact that no one case is going to look like the next. Each crisis presents responders and victims with a unique set of challenges, luckily for folks in Huntsville, Alabama and the surrounding areas: there’s companies like Green Structure Homes and leaders like Barbara Stokes. Essentially, when a disaster strikes a town and homes are ravaged and destroyed, the folks at Green Structure Homes (GSH) step in and provide a modular home to a family who has lost theirs so they can maintain at least some sense of normalcy.

Since graduating from highly acclaimed Mercer University, Stokes has been laser focused on providing leadership in the field of Disaster Research and Construction. Her company has blossomed over the years to win contract awards of well over $40 million and that is just one small testament to the important work she is doing. GSH also works very closely with the folks at FEMA, and GSH is one of the trusted contractors that FEMA will call on when a disaster strikes the 8 state area that GSH can cover. It speaks to the character of the company from Stokes on down that they are the ones authorities turn to when things seem bleakest — it takes a dynamic leader to lead a company in that field, and Stokes is exactly that. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Somehow in addition to her lifesaving work Barbara Stokes also finds the time to be a volunteer in her community while also raising three kids with her husband Scott Stokes. Leading a multimillion dollar company is one thing, but it is a complement to her character that Barbara also somehow finds the time to be active in giving back to her community. Although, with the type of charitable work that GSH does it should come as no surprise that someone like Stokes would be so willing to lend a helping hand. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Natural disasters are, of course, terribly sad. But they also prevent workers on the ground with unique sets of challenges each and every time but Green Structure Homes as emerged as one of the names you can really trust when disaster hits.