Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Is Tired Of Tinder Buzzing Around Her Head

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO of the dating site Bumble. This online dating portal has been around since 2014. The site became a major online dating network toward the end of 2017.

Now, Bumble is considered one of the biggest and best dating sites on the web. The site has 22 million users and that user base is expected to get a lot bigger in the coming years. Wolfe is enjoying the success of her site, but she is experiencing harassment by Tinder as the result of Bumble’s great achievements.

Whitney Wolfe was a former employee of Tinder. She helped this online dating site to get established on the web. Wolfe had to move on from Tinder because of a sexual harassment issue and she was also experiencing difficulties because of her gender. This savvy entrepreneur filed a lawsuit against Tinder and won. She went on to create her own site and has 70 employees that work underneath her guidance.

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Tinder did not like how things turned out. They believed that Wolfe had betrayed them and that she had stolen their patented online technology for a dating site. Tinder is not the one that is suing Whitney Wolfe. The company that owns Tinder is the one taking legal action. The name of this organization is called Match Group. However, because of all the drama that has taken place between Tinder and Wolfe in the past; Tinder is the name often used in this legal battle against Bumble.

Wolfe married an oil heir name Michael Herd. Technically, her name is now Whitney Wolfe Herd but she uses her maiden name because of public identity with her company. Anyhow, Wolfe created Bumble with women in mind. She no longer wanted females to be objects for the pleasure of men. On her site, men cannot just click on a female user’s profile to see if they’re interested. The women must initiate the conversation. This is a huge game changer and it helps to make the site a hit.

Match Group realizes the potential that Bumble has. It wanted to purchase the company for $450 million dollars. However, Whitney Wolfe and her employees refused that offer. Shortly after this offer, Match Group decided to sue Bumble for using their patented technology. Both parties are not happy about this current situation. However, Whitney Wolfe is expecting a favorable outcome in this legal battle with Tinder and their parent company Match Group.