Freedom Checks Could Become Your Next Form Of Income

You may have heard of Freedom Checks and if not you may be interested. Freedom Checks offer a form of investment for people looking for tax free forms of income. This is not a government program like social security. Nor are these checks given out by the federal government but are rather issues out by Master Limited Partnerships. These partnerships are companies that operate in the energy sector. This is legal and was actually set up by the government to influence and incentivize American citizens to start investing in domestic gas and oil. The MLP’s that issue out checks to investors do so on a regular monthly or quarterly basis. These companies work on refineries, transport fuel and drill wells. They have to by law give out half of every dollar they earn through revenue. Read this article at Money Morning.

When someone invests in one of these companies they will receive a Freedom Check. These checks are called distributions. If an investor invests enough money an investors can see a six figure check come in the mail every three months. These checks beat many others traditional forms of income and securities that pay way less.

Shareholders of these MLP companies are exempt from federal income tax because of a law established decades ago. Having no income tax of course draws many Americans to investing in this kinds of companies. They only have to pay a small tax for the gains on capital. Because of this tax exempt, domestic oil investments have risen. Read this article at

Freedom Checks operate under the same laws and similarities as other tax free investments. Real estate investment trusts are also tax free ways people invest their money. These type of companies have to give ninety percent of revenue to stakeholders. Large investments are often times needed to see a high return from investing in these kinds of companies. But with just fifty or a hundred dollars an investor can take part in the benefits of MLP’s and similar companies. Freedom Checks is on track to give out over thirty billion dollars to investors across the United States and that number is only growing.