Matt Badiali Discusses the Future of Ethanol

The world of natural resources is one of the most important, yet confusing worlds talked about today. Everyone knows how important it is for the U.S. to find a new major source of energy. For a brief while, people started screaming that ethanol could be the solution.

While ethanol seemed like a good idea, many experts killed its original time to shine. In the end, ethanol would be more of a headache to the refinery industry. No one wanted to talk about ethanol back then, but now, it’s getting its moment in the spotlight. Read more about Matt Badiali at Ideamensch.

People have reached a point where ethanol is winning them over. In Badiali’s opinion, ethanol is enormous for the corn industry. People can say it’s terrible for everyone else, but the corn industry is profiting from ethanol; ethanol is made from corn. As more people accept ethanol, corn stocks go up.

Matt Badiali knows what he’s talking about. Unlike many other experts in the natural resources investment business, Badiali is a geologist. He understands all the data and spreadsheets that companies put out claiming to be successful. He can go in and see if companies are succeeding when they say they’re thriving.


Badiali did not start out in the investment industry. He started out as a Geology teacher at Duke University and the University of North Carolina. He got his shot to shine when an invested wanted him to travel the world and investigate potential investments he wanted to make.

In exchange for leaving his job, Matt Badiali’s salary was increased five-fold, and he got to travel the world. He also learned how to invest from his new employer. Over the years, they both made millions, thanks to Matt Badiali’s ability to interpret data and understand nature.

He no longer works for that guy, but he’s started working to offer his knowledge of the industry so regular people can cash in on natural resources investing. It’s not a logical place to find success, which is why it’s so imperative that people learn from experts like Matt Badiali.

Over the years, he’s formed professional and personal relationships with some of the industry’s top CEOs, investors, and experts all to provide his readers with the most up-to-date information so that they make the best decisions. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.